40 Responses to Reviews

  1. Louis Koucos says:

    I would like to highly recommend and endorse the services of Sergei Vos and his therapeutic massage practice. I’ve been a client for 15 years and cannot express enough how beneficial and curing the services have been. I’ve had various conditions and concerns and have been helped and strengthened. His knowledge, care and advice helps with your needs and restoring your health and condition. Helps with dietary suggestions to speed recovery. I would recommend him for your care.

  2. pixmatt says:

    I am 86 and have been going to Sergei for about 3 years. He is excellent and fully dedicated to his craft. He really knows how to dig into those deep muscles, relax them, and create a sense of well-being. He is also honest and professional while being warm and likeable. I always look forward to my visits, and so will you.

  3. pixmatt says:

    I am 86 and have been going to visit Sergei for about 3 years. He is great at his craft and really knows how to release those deep muscles and create a feeling of well being. He is honest and diligent. You never feel rushed. I look forward to my visits to this affable and dedicated guy, and so will you. Matt Proser

  4. Tetyana Hamilton says:

    I absolutely love healing massage with Sergey. I work in the office and I use my hands and upper body a lot. After massage I feel better and ready to return back to my routine. I try to see Sergey regularly to prevent pain. I wish him success and to be able to help more people who struggle and looking for answers.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Sergei is a fantastic therapist with years of experience. I work in construction and see Sergei regularly to keep my body in shape and prevent injuries. It does wonder for my overall health and well being.

  6. Daniel Hanson says:

    He does a great job and great guy. I’ve been doing regular sessions for several months now and always great results and plan to keep coming back. I would highly recommend him.

  7. John says:

    Sergei is an outstanding masseuse, one of the best in the business. I feel so much better after a massage with him. He really knows his stuff and if you are into reflexology for you feet there are none better in the Salt Lake City. I have been going to him for several years now and my health is getting better all the time.

  8. Deacon John Bean says:

    Sergei is great at what he does. He really helps me with flexibility and decreasing muscle tension. He really cares about the overall health of his clients. I highly recommend him. His methods have cured a lot of ailments in people that I know.

  9. Mimi says:

    Sergei is a master of massage and has helped me with my tight shoulders and neck (and any other aches I have). After a massage session, I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted and I have motivation to be more active. I’ve tried a few different massage and spas in SLC, and Sergei’s Russian Therapeutic Massage is the one I’ve become a regular to. 5 stars!

  10. David K. Kaapro says:

    Sergei has been successful in increasing the range of motion in both of my shoulders and relief in
    chronic back pain. I work a 21 day 12 hour shift, which includes multi day drives. Upon my return home, Sergei gets me back in condition. I highly recommend his services.

  11. Monte says:

    I found Sergei through my insurance provider and I am so glad I did. He is full of knowledge and gives great advice. I work at a desk all day and I also have had a back injury while in the military. My shoulders, neck, and back are usually full of knots and tightness. I have been going to Sergei on a regular basis, for the past couple months and I have felt a great improvement. I am able to move around better, with less tightness. I still have to focus on my posture and make sure I get breaks from sitting but with Sergei’s help, I feel like I am on the right track. Thanks, Sergei!

  12. Vashael Andersonn says:

    How we “Move” in our life depends on our health practices…Massage Therapy is a practice that has helped me to return to functional movement! Sergei provides outstanding care and expertise in addressing the bodies needs. The injuries, aches,and pains are quickly resolved and you feel better with each session.Sergei focuses on the problem at hand and using his extensive knowledge and experience tunes in to exactly what the body requires to effectively heal naturally… ln only 4weeks time my major knee injury is 90 percent resolved!!! !I can now walk without pain and have near normal function! I am grateful for Sergei .His skills as a Massage Therapist are outstanding and I highly recommend Russian Massage to anyone who is searching for a natural choice in healing…. Thanks Sergei !!!

    Vashael Andersonn

  13. Bjbb says:

    Sergei is the person I go to when I need to get my health back on track. He is very knowledgeable and skilled and has helped me to make tremendous strides in my general health. When I have a specific issue he addresses it. When going for massage on a regular weekly basis fillowing an antibitiotic reactiin that left my muscles and tendons in very bad shape Sergei helped me to regain my ability to move and in turn to keep my job and sanity. He is truly an exceptionally gifted and caring therapist. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment now.

  14. pixmatt says:

    A real Russian massage by a real Russian! What could be better? Sergei gives you all his time, strength and energy and is unstinting in his care & dedication. You can chat or keep silent, listen to music, or not; Sergei treats you like the individual person you are so that all your juices are flowing by the time you leave and even the tips of your fingers and toes are happy. A treat well worth every cent. Enjoy!

  15. Stan says:

    Started with Sergei earlier this year after losing my original therapist and upon the advice of my brother. Was suffering from sciatica on my left side and after just a couple of sessions, the pain was diminished tremendously. He truly cares for his clients and not just with their ailments. He has great advice on how to change different aspects of your living to make advancements in your health and well-being. I continue to see Sergei because he has helped not only with the original reason, but with other aches and pains associated with an older person. Sergei is a great professional. I strongly recommend Sergei and his methods to help you with whatever bodily complaints you might have.

  16. Louie says:

    I have been seeing Sergei for about 4 years now starting with him because of a chronic neck pain. I have not had the pain again since. I continue to come every two weeks and he has helped with my overall physical well being. He is very dedicated, committed health professional who cares for each of his clients. He offers advice for overall health and diet and the folks I have reffered also praise him. I recommend him to everyone who may be dealing with any muscular or joint condition.

  17. Andrew Stallman says:

    I’m only 27 years old but have had chronic issues for years now from snowboarding. I’m also a nurse and see how common back pain is for so many people. It’s a neglected issue in medicine. It’s comforting to know there are people like Sergei in Salt Lake. I went to him when I was at my worst and he brought me some hope. After seeing him for a few months I could tell things were changing and I was becoming a functional human being again. He’s the most talented massage therapist I’ve met and I’m thankful to know him.

  18. thomas smith says:

    IM BACK IM BACK BACK BACK IN THE USSR. Sergie is top shelf. I would recommend all my friends to him. Thomas Smith ex U.S AIR FORCE 1980-1983

  19. Joylin Bell says:

    Sergei is genuinely concerned for others health. He offers advice, encouragement and support for over-all health.
    I went to Russian Massage due to periodic numbness and pain in my hands and toes. I did not realize the problem was due to tight muscles in my back and hips until Sergei pointed it out during my first massage. The next day at work, I was surprised at the difference in my ability to walk more quickly. By the 3rd massage, I was able to run and the numbness was gone from my hands. After the 5th massage, I no longer had sharp pain in my toes after standing for long periods of time and I was able to swim easily.
    Sergei has a clean, quiet, relaxing space and he made me feel safe. He coached me on breathing correctly to minimize the release of tension in the muscles. He also made it safe to release emotions by understanding, without judgment, that it is, not only part of the process, but healthful.
    Sergei demonstrated extensive knowledge of the muscle system, but also the emotional and spiritual aspect of the whole system.
    I highly recommend Russian Massage by Sergei Vos. I will continue to regain my health with his massage and advice.

  20. Shane says:

    I have seen sergei for all my aches and pains for 10 years. I climb, ski, and work construction. Needless to say I always have some over use issues with my shoulders and forearms. The personal attention he gives is amazing. I once was trying to describe to him how I hurt myself climbing. In the end I brought him a bunch of videos to watch. He wanted to truly understand what I did all the time so he could help me heal. Thank you for helping me so much over the years.

  21. Mike says:

    Sergei really knows what he is doing and is a big reason I enjoy the same life style I do at 58 as I did at 28. I am impressed not only with his knowledge and skills at therapeutic massage, but also at holistic health, in general. I have been a client of Sergei for over 15 years and recommend anyone who is in need of a massage therapist to give him a try.

  22. Marius Gilca says:

    I have known Sergei for 15 years. I am a karate teacher and a runner. I truly recommend Sergei for his professionalism. He is the best in the art of massage. He has the knowledge to help you and make you to feel like a new person. Thank you, Sergei, for what you have done for me and my family.

  23. Authentic is a word I would use to describe Sergei and the massage I received. This man has skills and I am the better for it. I will be seeing him again, excellent find!

  24. Kurtis M.
    I have been seeing Sergei every week since about January of this year. My first months arrangements included a session every other week, but the therapy was so effective that I am now seeing him on a weekly basis.

  25. John R says:

    I first visited Sergei’s clinic when my neck and shoulders started acting up from rock climbing. Thanks to his efforts over the last year (and my own, of course), I feel restored. Age is creeping up but not slowing me down. If I had the means, I’d put him on personal retainer.

  26. Valentina says:

    I am a world traveler and have been to about 90 countries. Traveling long distances when you sit in the plane from 15 to 24 hours, requires a healthy back. Mine isn’t; I have 3 herniated discs and continue flying long distances. After each trip I rush to Sergei to get rid of back pain and shoulder tension. To alleviate my problems, he uses a variety of tricks (by which I mean skillful methods) such as deep tissue massage therapy, stretching, reflexology, vibrating the back with tools, and cupping therapy. I’ve been doing this for the last 15 years, and I can assure you SERGEI IS THE BEST!

  27. Paul Romney says:

    You can get the best Russian therapeutic massage in the world right here in Salt Lake City! Skip the trip to Moscow! That’s a savings of $2,500 per massage. I am 93 and have had knee, back and total hip replacement, broken femur, hernia surgery and radiation treatment for prostate cancer. I strongly suggest you work with Sergei on your own personal needs to see how they can best be addressed, then relax so he can use his arms, fingers and whatever tools he needs to us to accomplish what needs to be done. I LOVE the way I feel after Sergei works on me! He takes years off my age!

  28. I have been a full-time massage therapist since 1987. I have known Sergei for over 20 years. Because of the physical demands of this work, I need body work myself. I see Sergei twice a month to maintain my physical body. He uses many modalities depending on your need….cupping, reflexology, acupressure, sports massage, orthopedic massage, etc.

  29. Mitch Molling says:

    Sergei Vos is truly a healer. He has a gift from above to ease pain,promote wellness , and to take the aches and pains away. His skill has truly blessed my life for over 20 years. I pray that Heaven may bless him and keep him in good health so he may be able to continue to bless mine . Sincerely, Mitch L. Molling

  30. Stephanie Coleman says:

    Without Sergei I could not continue my journey of endurance racing, with the deep tissue massages I receive, I’ve been able to push to some of my PR times while racing in my age class. I thank you and more importantly so does my body!

    Stephanie Coleman

  31. Larisa Nelson says:

    Sergei, thank you very much. You fixed my shoulder and I can use my hand again. I also notice after you worked on my neck I don’t have headaches anymore. Thank you much.

  32. Mary Anne Romney says:

    I was scheduled for vein surgery when I decided to try Sergei’s medicinal massage instead. Not only did I cancel the surgery, but the swelling in my legs went down dramatically. I stopped wearing support pantyhose after the second visit! I continue to have him work on me because of the extreme change in my body. This medicinal massage is restoring my entire body’s health. The whole point is to get rid of the hardening throughout the body that comes from a lack of exercise and poor diet. In my veins, the hard coating was removed from the deep pressure and movement. It was as if he exercised my veins the way they would move if I were an incredible athlete. The inflammation left my valves and allowed them to close properly again. Really, amazing. We went from the immediate issue of the veins into massaging the deep internal organs. He used Chinese “cupping” to rid my muscle tissues of deep toxins. He systematically went through each area of my body and it all improved. I go now to maintain the fluid movement and to support me as I make changes in my lifestyle to gradually increase my exercise. This is now part of my overall health planning and will always be so. If you are scheduled for a vein operation in particular, I highly recommend you try this first and see if it helps you prevent that problem. I watched my own mom go through multiple vein surgeries until she had no veins left and was left with “elephant” legs. Please, consider this healthy alternative.

  33. I have known Sergei Vos for several years. I was introduced to him on my Birthday. I told a dear friend of mine that I wanted to give myself a Special treat, and he gave me his information, and Sergei had cancellation, and was able to take. My body has not been the same. He works with my body when I have special pain, and over all, my body says, “Thank you” for taking such Good care of, that is because of my weekly massages. Give your Body a Special Gift, a Massage by Sergei Vos, your Body will love you, and you will love your weekly/bi-weekly massage(s).

  34. Rufus says:

    While visiting my aunt my sciatica start to give trouble. My aunt sent yme to Sergei. The rest is History. Walking better than I have in a long time.

  35. Tommyboy says:

    I have been seeing Serghei for over a dozen years and am amazed at how much he helps me with health issues. While utilizing traditional Russian techniques, he also not afraid to stay current on the latest techniques. I am amazed at the variety of different therapies he uses including oils, aromatherapy, cup therapy and hot stones. When I have a specific problem, he concentrates our session on that issue.

    • Tetyana Hamilton says:

      I absolutely love healing massage with Sergey. I work in the office and I use my hands and upper body a lot. After massage I feel better and ready to return back to my routine. I try to see Sergey regularly to prevent pain. I wish him success and to be able to help more people who struggle and looking for answers.

  36. stranger says:

    Decades ago I had massage treatment from more than a handful of massage therapists that really never satisfied my interests or the needs of my body. And then in the past decade, I’ve been lucky enough to be treated by the hands of a master magician of sorts who practices an art when he delivers a massage, offering a variety of styles when he treats the body and paying attention to the unique needs of each patient. Friendly,full of spirit and vitality and always professional, Sergei is someone I respect and admire, and one I certainly recommend.

  37. Skeeter says:

    Sergei has been working on my lower back pain for over one year and I can only tell you that I don’t suffer from the debilitating pain that I had when I started with him, and on most days, no pain at all. His expertise in body systems and massage have brought me tremendous benefits and I value is opinion as a health advisor as well. If you suffer from any body or musculature issues, you owe it to yourself to give Sergei the opportunity to help you too.

  38. Gary Vardon says:

    Sergei has very professional hands and heart. I have over eight years of experience with the benefits of his therapy and really feel improvement after visiting his clinic. He is helping me with all my health issues.

  39. James says:

    Sergei really cares for his clients. I have never met a masseur with more concern for those he works with. Great guy!

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